Overlay study allows user to add another symbol’s price line to the selected chart area, so user can do the comparison between them. User can add this indicator to their chart by right click the chart and select Study Config to open the study configure window first, then select the “Overlay” from the study list and add it into the Studies In Chart field.

Overlay Line Configure window allows user to modify the Overlay line, such as change the comparison symbol and change the index line’s color. User can open this Overlay Line Configure window either by click the “Config” button or double click the study “Overlay” under Studies In Chart section.

Explanation of Each Field

·         Security Symbol: User can enter the comparison security symbol in this field, and it will draw the associate symbol’s price line in the selected chart.

·         Index Line Color: Click on the color field allows user to change the line color.

·         Show Scale on Left Side: Check off the box will add an associate scale on the left side.